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Finca Florencia


Farm :         Finca Florencia

Varietals:  Typica, Bourbon & Lempira

Processing: Fully washed & dried on patios

Altitude: 1640 mètres

Owner: Isaura Martinez

Region: La Paz


Tasting notes:  Cherry, chocolate, caramel, with a medium body

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Paiement sécurisé

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Doña Isauras father used to produce and export coffee. In fact, he worked by himself and his name became a sort of byword for hard work and steadfastness. Finca Florencia lies across prime coffee growing land near the town of Florida de Opatoro. Isauras father purchased it form a neighbor and he simply named it after its previous owner.

When their father passed away, Doña Isauras brother inherited the land; however, he also passed on not long after his father, leaving the two sisters in charge of the whole coffee operation.



One can only imagine what a difficult predicament this was to be for Doña Isaura and her sister. When they were growing up, women from rural regions in Honduras very rarely received much education, and they tended to be very removed from the agricultural management of their fathers farms. Unsurprisingly, the two sisters struggled a great deal to keep the pieces together. However, eventually, by working together with their family and with neighbours, they managed to save 35 hectares of the beautiful coffee estate that composes Finca Florencia today and have made the farm a great success.

With the same hard work and perseverance as her father, Doña Isaura has managed to make a name for the farm, even winning regional coffee competitions.



Doña Isaura has great hopes for the farms future and is making every effort to continue improving the

farms practices. Her main goal is to leave a legacy of high quality future and a well managed farm for the

future. This is why:

-very few chemical fertilisers, and no herbicides or pesticides are used on the farm.

-coffee is selectively hand harvested, with only the

ripest cherries being picked.

-processing practices are admittedly rustic at the farms wet mill but quality is the focus of everones attention.

Oh, and also...shes making sure the women in her family are learning the skills they need to run a




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